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Manage Budget and Spend in a Multi-cloud Environment

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Tag and Resource Manager

Discover, Structure and Govern Cloud Resources

Custom Group Manager

Define Business Units (BUs) and Map Resources to BUs

Cloud Budget Manager

Establish Budget by Business Unit

PyraCloud provided quick insights into the actual spend and trends going forward for the Azure Enterprise Agreement. We realized – via PyraCloud - that our Azure spend will be three times higher than what we actually committed and this was easier and quicker than going to the Azure Portal.

Richard Bezjian

Director of Engineering at LA Metro

Custom Group Manager

Analytics Viewer

Analytics and Insight to Reduce and Optimize Budget and Spend

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Whether on-premises or in the cloud, PyraCloud Platform delivers the visibility, insight, automation and control customers require to maximize the value of their software investments and better govern their software portfolio. Click here to visit PyraCloud webpage.

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