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Your CEO just returned from a “cloud” seminar and is now all in on moving to the “cloud”. You looked online and noticed the new Microsoft 365 solution along with a million others Microsoft offers.

Which offering is best for you and your organization? Which licensing model works best? Which is the least expensive and most cost effective? As Microsoft continues to bundle solutions together, do you know what you are really getting?

During this one hour webinar, our SoftwareONE experts (with nearly 40 years of combined experience in technology services and software licensing management) share what they are hearing in the marketplace.

You'll gain a better understanding of:

Microsoft 365 - what it is and what it is not

How to plan for your transition to the cloud

Change management considerations

Profiling your users

Identity management/security considerations

Mobile device management (BYOD) considerations

Who should watch the webinar?

If you are an IT executive or Cloud Technology decision-maker, this event is for you - download the recording today!


The New Complexities of Microsoft 365 - Where Do You Start?

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