Microsoft recently announced the integration of Skype for Business Online into Microsoft Teams. Would you like to know what this change means to your organization? In this 30-minute webinar our experts will address:

  • How you can meaningfully plan your UC transformation and find the right tools for your organization
  • How you can technically compose and implement your UC strategy without losing the commitment of your employees
  • How you can make sure your new UC environment is running smoothly with no interruptions after the implementation

Unified Communications (UC) brings together a variety of communication services, including email, telephony, and web conferencing, enabling unrestricted communication and collaboration - in real time, across multiple devices, and without media disruption. To be successful in your migration, you need to define your UC strategy and implement and maintain the appropriate infrastructure. We are happy to help you in finding the right strategy for your future workplace and optimally utilizing your transformation journey.

Register today and find the path to success for communications from our UC expert Mischa Sturzenegger.

Intelligent Communication and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams and SoftwareONE