PyraCloud New Release

We are very excited to announce the latest enhancements to our PyraCloud platform which makes it easier for customers to govern and manage their on-premises software.

EA True-up
Optimize and simplify the EA True-Up process with the power of a dedicated application instead of hundreds of Excel spreadsheets. PyraCloud’s EA True-Up capability can help manage this process on a local or global scale from collection to license allocation. The EA True-Up Module simplifies the True-up process by establishing the organizational and reporting structure, enabling business units to report on their utilization and enabling global administrators to optimize and report back on utilization across the organization.
Renewal Manager

Plan, govern and manage upcoming software and maintenance renewals on a continuous basis. Manage renewals based on end dates and prioritize the contract terms most critical to the negotiation. Renewal Manager provides details around what products or groups of products are included within those renewals. By proactively managing software renewals, organizations are in a better position to negotiate with publishers at the time of renewals, based on their specific business requirements.

Customizable Dashboards

The PyraCloud Dashboards display critical information from a variety of sources in real time for a specific role or function. The Dashboards provide a snapshot of the most relevant information allowing users to make informed decisions within their business. These Dashboards are pre-configured Out-of-the-Box for Cloud, Procurement, SAM and Finance specialist. The Dashboards can easily be customized to suite a number of other functions.

Notification Hub

Manage and customize  notifications with the new Notification Hub. The new micro-service allows users to create, edit and manage their notifications for all activities and features within Pyracloud. Users can decide which notifications they want to receive and can also set frequency. Users can also gain instant access to their SoftwareONE Account Team in app though Notification Hub and can “click-to-chat” at any time.

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