How are you managing your cloud spend?

What is Cloud Service Expense Management? 

According to Gartner, Cloud Service Expense Management tools automate the review, reconciliation, and optimization of the current and future expenditure on externally sourced cloud services. Although this can be done via cloud service providers, CSEM tools address these issues more easily and efficiently than manual approaches.

Key findings of this Gartner study suggest that companies should:
  • Establish a formal CSEM practice in your organization when public cloud spending is material defined by your organization
  • Utilize the providers' native services to start establishing processes and procedures to monitor cloud spending
  • Examine the efficacy of dedicated CSEM tools immediately if your organization's IaaS spending level exceeds 10% of budget

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3 Steps to a Cost Effective Cloud Strategy

If you do not have a plan, you are planning to fail.


Develop a strategy, plan, and a roadmap to shift workloads to the cloud and realize the full benefits the cloud has to offer.


Achieve granular visibility to effectively track, forecast, and budget for your cloud resources.

Reduce and Optimize

Once you have a grasp on what is in your environment, it is crucial to shed excess or unneeded assets ensuring a clear picture of your environment.