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Understanding the Roadmap for Microsoft Teams & Skype plus Security

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Join SoftwareONE for this workshop to understand solutions to your collaboration pain points and learn best practices that align with desired business outcomes while keeping your data secure.

  • Learn where Skype and Teams fit into a Unified Communications strategy
  • Learn more about Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Teams’ Roadmap: a hub for teamwork and intelligent communications
  • Understand the various Office 365 components that serve as building blocks for Teams
  • Review Teams meetings and Enterprise Voice and deployment for each
  • Review deployment scenarios to reduce downtime and travel expenses
  • Understand how Teams and Security work together to keep your data secure

Our team of tenured experts have been leading digital workplace transformation for over 20 years across all industry segments. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about this increasingly important topic and to gain insight with an interactive session among your peers. We look forward to seeing you there!

A Changing Workplace

Mobile and social

  • 45% use social tools at work
  • 4X as many devices per user

Diverse and global

  • 5 generations together in the workforce
  • 72% of workers will be working remotely by 2020

Team-based and collaborative

  • 2X as many teams
  • 80% of employee time is spent collaborating

Skills shortage is affecting everyone

  • 71% of enterprises have access to the latest products